Tuesday, December 6, 2011

**Re-Up** Craig G & DJ Precise- Hot Like Fire Pt. 3 (1998) (Mixtape)

Here is a request from my man Jay. This is a Craig G special served up straight fresh for ya. Had madd success on this tape when I 1st posted it a couple years ago. Yall know what to expect on this..whole bunch of blends along wit new flavor from '98.
Like i said before if u have any requests for re-ups please lmk and ill see what i can do! Ok now lets take it to Top Floor!



jay said...

You are the shit for this one thnx man! & nice of you to shout me out lol

Mr. Diamond said...

woooooohooooo Christmas done came early for real for real...this was my shit back in high school....great look...my shit got eaten a long time ago and I could never find it until now...Only one I missing now is part 2

Lu Berra said...

Classic My Dude!

Anonymous said...

Good looks lost the cd this is still fire years later