Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rhyme & Reason Soundtrack (RTR Version)

The previous hip-hop doc. The Show brought you a inside glimpse of how hip-hop was in late '94- early '95. And it opened up alot of peoples eyes of how the game was back then, especially when Wu-Tang got into that heated argument that prompted people saying they was gonna break-up (i know yall remember that rumor!). I love that documentary and this hip-hop doc. takes it a step further to show how the game was in '96. It takes u even deeper into many issues in hip-hop that was never really spoken about or broken down. I remember when I 1st saw this and it had me blown away to how the game was workin at that point. The hip-hop game was still pretty simple at this point in '96 even tho it was starting to grow in to a money making machine.
The doc. dives into many topics which includes the 5 elements of hip-hop (yall should know that), art of freestyling (which was critical at that time that u should b able to do), record companies (this was the 1st time i actually saw how the corporate world works in hip-hop, to where now that they have a huge impact on), hip-hop blowing up ( in '96 hip-hop was on the cusp of blowing up and money being flown everywhere and they elaborate more on this), marketing (back then hip-hop was pretty simple in marketing, all it was is magazines and commercial ads every now and then), promotion (how many of yall remember Jack the Ripper convention in Miami back then? You wanted to promote ur shit? u had to go there and pass out flyers and demos and talk to radio stations to put urself out there to b known. There was no internet or intricate cell phones back then, u had to go out and grind) & violence in hip-hop (u know hip-hop didnt have major tours for the majority part of the 90s, the way u made ur money was doing shows at clubs or small venues. And most cities didnt want to do that cause hip-hop was just too violent back then. We didnt know how to act. Unlike today where we have more sense back then we just didnt get it and the game was hurt for a bit cause of it).
Now this soundtrack was pretty solid and certain tracks stood out more than others. But to me once again it coulda been more hotter tho. So i had to put my spin on this and revise it a bit. Some tracks i kept and others i discarded. Now every artist on this soundtrack has a tie into this movie somewhat or another, its all related. I hope yall liked what i did and if u havent seen this movie please go and check it out. Rock on yall.

My Rhyme & Reason

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