Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Esco & Sosa Collabos (RTR Mini's)

Yeah, i know many people has done a mix like this but i had to touch this one time. Is mine better than the others? Probably not, but its not wack either tho. What people should know is that these two didnt do that many songs together than u may think! It wasnt really that many tracks. So i can see why that every time they did do something together it was monumental. Im just like the rest of you by saying that these two shoulda done a album together a long time ago! And i think that they know that, so hopefully it might happen in the near future wit Premier on the production! That will b crazy wouldnt it? But who knew that a QB nigga and BK nigga would have that type of chemistry together huh? Both of them benefited from each other and made history as a ultimate duo! Also for the last time, that Firm LP was not a flop!! It was a very dope album!! Please go back and listen to it compared to todays standards and ur mindset will change completely on it. So i hope u guys will enjoy this mix i made of these two together and i did include some gems that many of probably most of u never heard before. Its Esco & Sosa...lets git it poppin!

Illmatic & Aziatic 

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