Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Capone N Noreaga- Thugged Out Milantainment (RTR Mini's)

Wow, man.....umm....im just thinking that at 1 point in time i did not pay attention to this group at all.
Can u believe that???? For some reason i just wasnt feelin them like that. I did like "LA, LA" when i 1st heard that but that was more of Mobb Deep than anything. I didnt even know who CNN was at that time. Now what was the cause of my disliking of CNN at 1st? It was NORE's track "What What" back in '98. I flat out right hated this record!!!! Hated it!!! I thought it was real annoying and Rap City played the hell out of this joint everyday!! Everytime this song came on Rap City i used to turn the TV until the song was over then flip back. I just didnt like it. So u know now that i didnt even pay attention to NORE's 1st 2 LP's. I just blew them off really. So lets fast forward all the way to 2000. CNN's 2nd LP just came out and i didnt even know they was even droppin a new album cause i never kept up wit them like that. My friend asked me "u like CNN?" I was like naw never really pay attention to them. He asked me "so u like DJ premier right?" I was said u damn right i do!! So boom, he played me the "Invisible" track off that 2nd LP, and at that moment i had a come to Jesus moment with this group! That song single handedly changed my whole outlook on this group. That track was so hard, i must replayed it like 6 times!! My friend asked me then "u heard their 1st LP?" I said nope. The look he gave me was priceless, he couldnt believe i never heard it. He told me i had to listen to that ASAP to get a better grip on this group! So i went back and studied the manuscripts and found out that i was very wrong about this group man. I couldnt believe i made that big of a mistake. And when i heard NORE's 1st 2 LPs i felt even more of a idiot. So the valuable lesson is never judge a book by its cover. Yall know these guys montra, its always on some thugged out shit always. It was nothing more and nothing less. So on this joint i made sure all of u is getting ur thug on with some their most hardest tracks. Trust me that u will be getting ur east coast stomp on wit this mix i cooked up! We gon thug this shit out, we gon thug this shit out!!!

CNN Channel 10

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