Saturday, April 6, 2013

D-Demo- 9/9 (1993) (Mixtape)

For all my true mixtape heads out there u should know a crew of mixtape DJs from the early 90's called Hard Pack! They originated out of Rock n Wills' music shop out of Harlem and they was a crew to b reckoned wit. If u dont know who they were or want more info all u gotta do is google them and u will b more informed. Here is a tape from one of those members and its none other than the legendary D-Demo! We goin back to when things was real, the year is '93 and this is a hard hitting tape from top to bottom! Bass in ya face!!



marioka said...

Hi, who did you give it to you? Herbert Webber, Buchanan? Is this tape from Hard Pack?

Brandan E. said...

a friend of mine gave me this tape bo, its really a piece of history.