Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DJ Boogie Blind- Definitive D.I.T.C (????) (Mixtape)

I dont know about u guys, but i am a huge DITC fan. Each one of those members got classics in this game we call hip-hop! And on this tape, DJ Boogie Blind really represented in giving the real spotlight on what this group accomplished!! This is a real definitive look at this group in a major way. I wish tho that they would have came out wit a LP during the 90's and not no unreleased & b-sides like they did in '97. Yes they did a album in 2000 and it was dope (and i still have my OG copy) but it shouldnt have tooken that long. That was my only gripe about this group and now u cant even get all the members altogether in one room. But just reflect a bit on this tape and recognize the real!!

DJ Boogie Blind

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