Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Source Magazine Fat Tape- September 1994

Back atcha still in '94! This issue right here i like to name "Before Everything". Even tho at this time 'Pac was goin thru it in the court rooms and all other legal matters, everything else was cool hip-hop wise. This was before 'Pac got shot at the studio NYC. This was before his prison stint. This was before him & BIG started beefing. This was before Suge bailed him out to join Death Row. This was before changed his whole steez to fit into Death Row. This was before he felt all the stresses of a high profile celebrity and rapper where people was hangin off his every word. 'Pac dont even know how much his life would change later on in '94 but for this moment lets just cherish it for what it is. And dont forget to give this Fat Tape a listen by the way!

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