Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Source Magazine Fat Tape- June 1994

1994 continues on and what u see here are the kings of reality rap. Not gangsta rap, reality! These MC's told u for years what was goin on in the hoods across america and try to inform our government on how to change it! I mean these guys are OG legends in the game. Scarface is from my way, he is a living legend down here. Spice 1 is a bay area legend, he has many classic albums under his belt. MC Eiht is another legendary west coast MC and we know how many that coast already has. So this is a iconic cover in many ways! So please peep the flavor this fat tape has to offer!

Jun. '94


Helix_Helix88 said...

Thank you. Taking me back.

Brandan E. said...

no prob my dude!