Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Double R- Best Of Vol. #11 & #12 (March & June 1992)

Here's another classic donated by DJ Cinema!! Looking at these tracks on here bring back memories man. '92 in my opinion was the beginning of the golden era to me. In '92 man hip-hop started to grow on me a little. That was the year i begged my moms to buy me my 1st album which was....Kris Kross Totally Krossed Out! Kris Kross was like rock stars to us kids back then when i was in 5th grade in '92. I started to sag my pants cause they did it and it looked kool. But i didnt wear my clothes backwards..u can take that to the bank. I started dancing like them and everything man. People that was from my era back then know how it was. '92 those were the days.....

Double R

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