Thursday, November 28, 2013

Double R- Best of Vol. #12 & #14 Pt.1 ('92-'93)

Happy Thanksgiving to u all!! As i am in the spirit of giving, here's another classic tape from u and yours + DJ Cinema!! Some of the younger cats think that Rump Shaker was a pop joint...naw b that track is a classic track for sure. I used to jamm that joint hard, Teddy Riley most def. did his thing on that. Redman went straight hard on that Time For Some Aksion, but when I 1st heard it I had no idea who Redman was. Why??.. cause that track was Mike Tyson's entrance song. So everytime Tyson fought during that time period this track was his intro, and I thought it was the hardest song in the world at that point! Wow...great times indeed!

Double R

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bugel said...

again big thx for those classic tapes
especially nice cuz they have seperated tracks which makes em perfect for car cds haha
highly highly appriciated!

greetings from north europe