Monday, December 9, 2013

Double R- Best of Vol. #18 (April 1994)

And another one from DJ Cinema......  As u can see its around this time that hip-hop started to b a way of life for me. It firmly supplanted a stance in my life! In '92-93 it was just a hobby or recreational but in 1994 it was all real. If u look at the tracks on this tape u will see that there are certain songs that actually changed peoples lives on this thing. I know many people can tell many stories on how these tracks changed their life one way or another. For me the one track on here that did it for me was Nas' It Aint Hard To Tell! When i came home from school one day in the 7th grade and flipped thru the channels and came up on BET and saw this video changed everything for me music wise. I never heard a song like that, never seen a video like that and never felt that type of way about a song since Run DMC's Down With The King a year earlier. That Run DMC had me mesmerized but that Nas record was life altering for me. So in 1994 it all became real and i didnt even get into ATCQ, WuTang & Biggie that would turn my world upside down in the coming months of 1994. I would love to go back and relieve it all over again!

Double R

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