Thursday, December 19, 2013

Double R- Vol. #19 (Late 1994)

More heat from my man Cinema!! Man....remember when Dre & Cube dropped a video that looked more like a mini-movie? Remember when K. Murray started a new trend of rhyming on top of fly rides in ur videos? Remember when 'Pac told us the best way to pay tribute to a lost homie is pour out a little somethin for him? Remember when BIG told wack MC's to rethink ur day job and apply at UPS? Remember when AZ & Nasir kinda broke down how life was for young black teens? Remember when MJB just wanted to b happy? Remember when Common Sense told us about how he felt about a female named hip-hop? Remember when Method Man invited us into his world of pain? Remember when Outkast told all dem lazy ass niggas living in ur moms crib to get up & get out and do something? Remember when The Chef asked us what do we believe in? you remember?

Double R

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