Saturday, March 29, 2014

Source Fat Tape: May 1990

Yes people the Source Fat Tapes are back! And for this one we gonna go way back to 1990! Now around this time i was just a youngin and hip-hop wasnt in the equation at the time so u already know how that goes. But as u can see there are plenty of jams to go around, different styles for different folks!
One thing i do know is that if u was a rap artist on a label back then, ur video will get played on TV. Back then Yo! MTV Raps, Video Music Box, BET & Pump It Up was playin any hip-hop videos they could get. So u was actually gettin worldwide exposure! Compared to now where TV stations are barely any videos and the internet has made it to where rap artists not even on labels can get worldwide exposure. Kinda of crazy isnt it? Ok well keep it locked and i have more to come just peep the flavor next saturday!! Word to ur mother!

Source Fat Tape May '90

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