Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tony Touch- #60: Power Cypha 3 Pt. 1 (1999)

If u are a true mixtape aficionado like i am then u know that Tony Touch changed the game wit his tape #50. On that one he had 50 of the most prominent mc's in the game to rhyme on his tape. It was ground braking and very innovative! The response from it was crazy and everybody had to have it!
Then on his tape #55 he upped the ante wit 55 mc's rhymin on his joint. And the response from that was crazy as well and i think Touch knew that he was onto somethin wit this. So when it was time for his tape #60 to drop he raised the stakes even higher wit 60 mc's kickin flows on his tape!
This right here is part 1 of this epic tape, so please peep the names of who is rhymin on this tape and u will see that he had the best of the best of on this! Kick back and feel the flava on this and stay tuned for part 2 next week!! Tony Toca!!

Tony Touch

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