Tuesday, February 17, 2015

DJ Enuff- The Premier Collection (1997)

The first time i heard a Premier beat was in '95 on 1, 2 Pass it. I was like wow, this beat is crazy!! But at the time i didnt know much about him. Then later on that year i heard Mass Appeal on BET Rap city Ol Skool wednesday, i was ok ok this dude is crazy on these beats. Then in '96 i heard Bring it On off Jigga's 1st LP, after that i was hooked on Premier! Anything he was doin i was trying to check for him. To me he is the greatest producer of all time in my book, and when u listen to this Dj Enuff masterpiece u may agree...

DJ Enuff

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The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

The audio quality of this rip is not the best do you have a better quality rip Brandan?