Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Shazam X- The Best Of Boot Camp Clik (1997)

DJ Shazam X specialized in making Best Ofs of certain hip-hop artists who was poppin at that time! And they were mos def on point and very dope!! Boot Camp Clik was a force in hip-hop man. They had a strong movement. The fatigue wear & timb boots was the normal dresss code for these guys. All parts of the Boot Camp Clik got classics no matter if its Black Moon, OGC, Heltah Skeltah or Smif N Wessun. I mean u gotta have clout for 2Pac handpicking u to work with, now thats respect!!
This tape will make u appreciate how dope BCC was and the classics they have under their belt! Im still trying to find a BCC jacket and shirt!

Shazam X

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