Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let Me Clear Something Up

You all know that everything i do on this site is for u all!! I do everything the right way just like Tapemasta taught me to when i 1st started this. But i hate it when people want to question me at what i do. Im sure everyone that has been successful has suffered some hate, but i just want to clarify things so i set the record straight. Everythng i post on here is mine, and mine only. If i received it from someone i always let the people know on that post where i got it from. Awhile back people know Mixtape Torrent was jackin from me, but thanks to yall they stopped. I dont care if other blogs get stuff from my site, as long as u say where u got it. Now the stuff i received lately is from my fam on this blog like Mike, Olskool4real, Todd, deejay manifest, Wordman, Gildog32 and my man Brooks from NYC-Brooklyn. So they know right off the top that they help supply heat for this site for u the people. Just because they dont give me a tracklisting doesnt mean i jacked it from somebody else, it means they dont have the tracklisting. Listen to the tape and make the listing on ur own. The only person i know who always let me know they get stuff from me is SOUL, and thats my right hand man, so it dont matter. If anyone thinks im jacking from them or whatever, thats absurd. I always make sure that person gets the credit where im getting it from. If i see tapes that has already been posted on many other sites i dont post that tape if i have it. Thats too repetitive, i only post stuff that no one else has. Ask urself if u see the someone with the same stuff i have, ask urself where did they get it from? It was probably me, but do i care , no i do not. If anyone thinks im a fraud or a fake, then thats u i cant help u if u feel that way. If u want to talk to me or if u want my assistance, im willing to do that. I dont hate on anyone, i was just a regular dude just like everyone else so i know how it is, i just glad i am able to help people out there find these joints. So please people, lets stop the hate. And congradulate.

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Tapemasta, Tha Mixtape Librarian said...

Sooooo let me find out you been jacking mixtapes & not giving the credit !!! Believe me, if you're not getting some "hate", you're not doing anything right..But on the serious tip, continue to do what you started & don't let nobody take away what you feel you started..I know for a fact that S.O.U.L. & you is doing it & the internet is seeing it..I personally started doing mixtape reviews just to show what mixtapes was killing the scene worldwide..I could tell you stories & have you laughing for days..Once again, don't worry about the hate..Enjoy the ride !! The current state of the mixtape world is going down & Download Jockeys ( DJ'S )have messed it up somewhat..But when you got people going crazy over mixtapes that they havent heard from in 10 or 15 years..believe me, u feel good & it should make you continue what you do..I personally won't put out alot of my ol joints because people will copy & put them on ebay, stores, etc..without giving the dj's the credit..which i feel is wrong in my eyes..But i'll suprise alot of you with some crazy tapes ( check for that Ron G - Beat Kingdom, i dropped last week )in the next few weeks & a tribute to mixtape dj's worldwide..

What's the deal OL Skool !! Once again, Brandan keep it up !!