Friday, December 5, 2008

Some Things To Let Off My Chest!!

Yall remember how Mase went off, saying things he needed to get off his chest from a skit on Camron's "Confessions of Fire" LP? I think it was called "Fuck You"? Well im not gonna go that far and say that, but im about go off on some things i been reading on other blogs for the past year about some things about hip-hop from the golden era. So like Mase "Im gonna go in son, im feeling it from the heart now b...."

- Why people b always hating on Diddy? I dont understand it. This man did alot for hip-hop, alot! But i always hear from people that he messed this up or he ruined that or that he jipped people and all of that. Man, Fuck that. Back in '93 when he was runnin Uptown to the top of the charts with Mary J, Heavy D & Jodeci where was the hate? In '94 when he came out with Bad Boy and dropped BIG & C. Mack where was the hate? In '95 when Faith & Total was tearin shit up, where was the hate? In '96 when 112 , Mase & the LOX 1st came out where was the hate? In '97 when he took over the rap game with his 1st LP, where was the hate? In '98 when Mase was that nigga where was the hate? In '99-'00 when Black Rob came out, where was the hate? I agree in '99 when he dropped his Forever LP, it was too much Diddy at that time. But that LP went 2x plat!!! So stop hatin on this man for his previous shit, go back and see that everything this man touched at one point went plat or gold!

-Stop with this Nas flip flopping!! People b sayin Nas dropped a not so good LP with It Was Written?!! WTF, are u kidding me? That LP went double plat!! When that dropped, he was the illest MC. People was like he went mafioso on us. Hello people, it was 1996. That was the new style coming in!! Big Willie Style!! BIG originated it, Jay did it and Nas did it as well. It was the sign of the times!! And stop killing Nastradamus, that was a dope LP as well!!

-Masta Ace "Sittin On Chrome" LP is 10x better than his 1st LP "Slaugatahouse", to me its not even close!!

-Jay Z's 2nd LP is not garbage!! WTF?? Do yall see the tracks thats on there?? Its nothin but hit after hit!! Imaginary Player, A Million & 1 Questions, Real Niggas, Streets Is Watching, Where Im From!!!! If yall think In My Lifetime Vol.1 is not good, yall niggas are just stupid!!

-There 3 certified bangers i heard this year. Out of this whole year i only heard 3 hard tracks. 9th Wonder & Buckshot "No Future", Ludacris "MVP" & Jay Z "Jockin Jay Z"!! I dont even listen to new stuff, but those 3 songs caught my ear!!

-Jeru lost mad props with me over the years cause he disssed Bad Boy & Puff back in '96 when the East Coast was makin mad noise! Why in the world u diss somebody on ur own coast which at that time was unheard of. East Coast niggas stuck together at that time, why would he do that? Yall noticed he didnt diss BIG, cause he knew the outcome was not gonna be good if that happened! BIG sent a shot at him tho on "Life After Death" LP.

-1997 was a ill year in hip-hop, if think that year was all about Puff & Mase or Wu-Tang Forever, u all are sadly mistaken. Go back and check out all the classic material that came out that year!! You will be surprised!!

-And if yall dont think DJ Clue was that nigga back then, people do ur homework. I mean Justo wouldnt name an award after a DJ if he wasnt puttin it down in a major way. Nuff said!

-How can a MC fall off so badly over the years. Prodigy to me was one of the illest MC's on the planet from 1994-2000. This man had so many hip-hop quotables its riduculous!! Just go back check out what this man said on some tracks back then. He was droppin some of the hardest rhymes known to man. Everytime i hear "Keep It Thoro", i turn into somebody else, that track just brings out the grimy in u!!

-And yes Mase is in my all-time 10 greatest MC list!! U damn right i said it. Forget the tracks he did for the ladies. Listen to "Niggas Done Started Somethin", Listen to that freestyle he did with Jadakiss, and the one he did for Angie Martinez B-day with BIG in da house. Listen to that freestyle he did with Puff on Funk Flex vol.2. Man i can go on and on. He rhyme style to me was one of the best. And when he went hard, he went hard!!! Just go back and listen!!

Ok, im done. Im sorry people but i had to go in one time. I know i can think of more, but thats all i have for right now. Now i know this is gonna spark off alot of comments, but fuck it. This is me!!


dat_triflin_ass_dude said...

man, what the hell r u smokin? I don't think anyone's refuting what puff did way back in the past as far as bringing good talent such as Big, 112, Total, etc. But that's about it. The guy was never a true producer, but he did have a good ear for good music and hooked up Big with quality respected producers. And again, that's about it.

You're gonna demand respect for a cat based on how he went 2x platinum? C'mon b, we all know how many units you sell don't mean shit about the quality or lack thereof of your music. With that kind of logic i'm guessing you like Lil' Wayne who's the hottest "rapper" in today's market?

I agree with you that people who hate on Nas' It Was Written need to chill, but you can't deny that shit can't even hold the jock of Illmatic. I understand It Was Written was a sign of the times back then, but you also gotta understand a lot of cats were disappointed at first in '96 when that shit dropped. Of course looking back on it and as years have gone by, It Was Written is definitely a good album.

Young_Rascal said...

OK. You make many claims in this post, some more valid than others.

1) No disrespect, but your defense of Diddy just isn't persuasive. You seem stuck on the fact that he was very good at making "hits" and selling records. But why should that stop people from criticizing him? How is that "doing a lot for hip-hop"? Biggy aside, some of his artists would have put out better music and better lived up to their potential without Diddy (i.e. Mace and the Lox especially) and others were untalented acts who should have never had careers (like Total). People hate on Diddy for his approach to producing (his shamless beat jacking); his subpar rhyming, and his annoying presence. His approach to making crossover/commercial hits at a lot of people understandably nervous about the future of NY hiphop. Is this really hard to understand?

2) Agreed. "It Was Written" was a great album. Too many people wrote it off when he led with "If I Ruled the World" and he never recovered. Several extremely strong tracks on that album; could have been an all-out classic if it was more consistent. But what do you mean Big started the mafia stuff? As with most of Biggy' styles, the Wu was there first.

3) Agreed re: Ace! But the Sittin on Chrome album is also probably one of the 30 most underrated albums of all-time.

4) Do people really still say Jay's second album was garbage? I thought it just another situation like Nas, Where Vol 1 paled in comparison to Reasonable Doubt and people lost perspective.

5) There've been tracks this year... Budden, Cassidy, EPMD, Freeway, etc...

6) You do realize that Ghostface/Raekwon and OGC dissed Biggy too right? Not sure anyone was afraid to go at him back then...

7) To answer your question about rappers falling off like P, you don't have to look any further than Nasir Jones...

ROLO 123 said...

I respect your opinion on everything you said. But Masta Ace's 1st LP was "Take A Look Around".

Jon said...

Pac owns all those nigs u ranted about and suge would take diddys booty hole. ha. one!

Anonymous said...

sean combs is a crooked, foul can suck his dick all you want, but he ripped a lot of people off

Tapemasta, Tha Mixtape Librarian said...

Wow Brandan, you made alot of people come out with the comments that you put down..Well, let's drop some history on the game that you seem to love & enjoy..

Puffy ( that's what i call him )stole Ron G's entire format of making music & never gave Ron that credit in public..Check Reminisce & Real Love that's from Ron G mixes series..So in my eyes he was always a biter & never gave credit where it was due..Brucie B was the first dj to bring biggie out not puffy or Mr Cee..check the song where he shouts the mixtape dj's..Also check the Bad Boy mixtapes from the past where S & S, Doo Wop, Stretch & Clue did the tapes but Puffy tried to out shine the djs..that corny !! Also when the The Lox wanted to get out of their contract, DJ Self made a mixtape called LET THE LOX GO which showed what puffy was all about & then everybody started leaving him including 112, Mary, Faith, lil kim & others ( Biggie was going to leave him & start his over label/company with Undeas )..Puffy also got mad when Mase came back & tried to block him. Now tell me this, if puffy is so great why did he leave the industry..

NAS is a talented brother & he was able to stand the test of time & when you have Lil Wayne pushed into the light every 36 hours then you know something is wrong.

Overall, i represent mixtapes to the end..because that's really the true of vibe of hip hop right now !! But i see what you doing Brandan !! Good topic !! Alot of people see Puffy as a fraud reguardless of what he help create. PS: don't let me get on the topic of clue..because we'll be laughing for days !! Think of Clue & Puffy as the same person !! PS2: The award should been named after s & s not clue ( believe me, clue he knows that too )

Olskool4real said...

Damn I sent a message earlier that didn't go through!! What's up Tapemasta!! Has any of those groups had any success beyond Puff? The LOX gained some creative freedom, but what about the rest? It was 112's demise, Faith the one hit an album wonder, and Mary gives him props every chance she gets!! For every successful New York artist there is someone to say they did it before that person or they got it from them!! And indeed I believe that and I feel you on that, unfortunately it's who the world heard first!! As far as mixtapes go I dopped a few S&S joints back in 85 and that was it for him man that guy is too damn loud I have never herad a cat that talked over records more than him!! I agree he should pay homage to any ideas that he has gotten from others, Puff left hip hop a while back when he started abandoning the elements that brought him in to it!! I admire his business qualities but certainly not his so called contributions!!! I give him props giving where he started, to where he is today, he is an inspiration to some!!But Hip Hop and him been departed!!!

Damn Brandan you got some cats pissed off!! Hell they can't talk about the mixtapes but on subject matter they get off hgh!!

agnew said...

first, thx for the blog, puttin in work & all that...

1 - puffy isn't hip-hop and he isn't a musician. he is a businessman and BIG is the only thing worthwhile he ever touched. yeah, bad boy had the record sales & radio play, but i didn't know any hip-hop heads that ever liked him.

2 - it was wrtten WAS dope - but anything coming after illmatic was gonna get criticized

3 - maybe it's just me, but thinking Slaughtahouse was Ace's first lp is pretty shocking...maybe that explains how a pop-tart cheeseball like Mase can crack your top ten

4 - i love Jay-Z but In My Lifetime Was a bad album - it has some of my favorite Jigga songs, but as an album it's weak

DJ Clue - how do you listen to these tapes? he's gotta be the most annoying dj EVER!!! someone, please explain to me why Clue tapes get so much love said...

puff wanker had plenty of hate by day one.

And jayz had one good album, his first.

yo. seriously. bad boy was a good label?

Anonymous said...

i hope you feel better mai dood. better to let the steam evaporate with words than to punch holes in ya wall. but geeyuh..errr body has got their opinions. let um live. the last two comments on here were booty tho. so peep my steam..clue gets love cuz he's an og. puff's an og too but only if you consider the kid coordinating outfits for Uptown a gangsta. but yea they bin in it fer a minute so new jack asses need 2 quit it. i think diddy's smart and lucky but brotha can't rap. period. even when pharoahe monch writes his shit. ay young! that skit before verbal intercourse yea they try to air big out but when did the originoos go at him? you talkin bout the bcc/pac cut? anyway, thanks to this blogger for doin this. much love and happy holidays. -jns

Young_Rascal said...

Anonymous/JNS: Peep the OGC "No Fear" video on youtube, when they rush a "Biggy" performance and throw him off their stage. Was kinda funny at the time.

By the way, I kinda agree with Agnew, but still wouldn't call it a "bad" album. Much weaker than it could have been at the time, as Jay was clearly trying to go mainstream with a few of the tracks. Skipping a few tracks, I still prefer it hands down to most of his more recent albums though.

Anonymous said...

starang comin like a hurricane lickin shots..that's right duke. thanks for pointing that out.
naw i feel um .. we all know which ones. one got puffy, one got babyface and the other got teddy riley and nem on it. i think it's solid and well-rounded if nothing else. all comes down to personal taste tho so to each their own. one mans trash is another's treasure or some shit.
one love

Savage1 said...

Nas/Jay/Wu/Tribe/ect. are always going to receive criticizm when they put out an album (good or bad) because it doesn't sound like their lst LP. Wait until OB4CL2 comes out, Rae will get the critics on his back (even though with Rae's track record of 1 good solo and 2 lacking ones I have my doubts). Hell, even when a BCC memeber drops an album or just about any 80/90s rapper who released classics in their day will get that criticizm about falling off. Even the greatest of all time, Rakim, will hear a lot of shit when his album comes out, which has always been the trend with his albums post Eric B b/c people want that classic Paid In Full style and better production.

As much as I want another Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, Enta Da Stage, Low End Theory, ect...., I know the times are different. zi have to give them all props for staying relevant without doing whatever the popular bubblegum rappers are doing now.

Rembrandt18 said...

Man people hate on Puff just because. Without Puff there would be no "swagger" now cause he was the first one with it. The reasoning isn't that bad though, he did his thing. Nas hasn't made a full album in years that was hot but then again he doesn't know who he really is.

Jockin Jay-z has a hot beat but only three hard songs this year you trippin hard.