Wednesday, March 9, 2011

B.I.G 14 Years Later......

I still remember the day he passed. I was actually listenin to Ready to Die when i got the news and saw it on TV. I remember hittin my bed real hard and was just angry. I was thinkin that i would never hear him again, i will never see him again, the anticipation of what he was gonna do next was now gone.

I knew that it wasnt gonna sink in quickly that he was gone, and here we are 14 years later and it still hasnt sunk in. Its just hard to figure out why things happened the way they did. Me and my friends wish we can go back in time to where BIG was and alert him on what was goin on. Wish we can somehow appear in thin air behind the shooter and ram his car. Wish we can pull up aside BIG with a bulletproof car and block him from the bullets. Wish we could do anything to divert what was gonna happen.

I know BIG squashed his beef with Raekwon before he passed. I remember reading that Nas was supposed to meet up with BIG at that next party he was goin to. I saw on Sportscenter that Shaq was supposed to go with BIG to both parties. Alot of things was happenin and was gonna happen, so many twists and turns. We never got to see the Commission happen. We never got to hear his verse on "TONY" RMX that BIG told NORE that he was gonna spit on. We never got to see his version of the Black Album that he was gonna do next after Life After Death (where do u think Jay got the idea from). All u can do is think and imagine what could have.

U know to me the holy trinity of rap is BIG, Jay, Nas & Pac. Pac was nice but never to me was that #1 nigga. Nas moves in his own way and carved out his own niche, he sat on that throne brifely in '96 when his 2nd LP went double plat. but still one of the best. Jay to many is on that throne now, and trust me he did everything u could accomplish at that level. But to me, the Jay i know is from '96-'04, that Jay was the #1 nigga. Now......he just doin what he wants cause he already done it all. BIG to me will always be on the throne, nobody had to go through what he went through. He held down a entire coast with no hatred from anybody on same coast (except Jeru, and thats another story). Everybody on the east coast knew BIG was #1, it wasnt even no argument. When u got respect like that, that when u know u got it on lock. I dont think u will ever see a rapper most respected by all like BIG. Respected like if u go on the east coast right now and say bad things about him people would fuck u up seriously. Thats staying power right there, and BIG will always have that. I miss u BIG.

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