Monday, March 28, 2011

Tracks That U Would Lose Ur Mind To #2: Rampage ft. Busta Rhymes- Wild For Da Night

Its 1997 late night and im watchin a late taping of Rap City on BET (remember Rap City came on 2wice back then), and a new vid is being shown. Now i knew Rampage was ok since i heard him on the Craig Mack remix, but i never thought he could make a classic timeless banger like this and it helps to have ur cousin Busta's assistance on the hook. Its needless to say the impact this track made back in '97, in clubs worldwide people really got wild for da night when this was played.
I heard stories about when this came on in the Tunnel NYC that u had to watch out cause anything could jumpoff when this was played. I mean there are certain tracks in hip-hop history that is when its played people seem to forget where they at and just act crazy!
Now back in 10th-11th grade when this came out, only the people that was deep into hip-hop knew about this track. Not everybody knew this track was even out!! I remember i was goin crazy for this song, i had to have it. Then one day on a weekend i was chillin at the basketball court and a friend of mine came thru with a walkman jammin his butt off. I was sittin there wonderin what the hell he jammin to? So as i moved closer to him i could hear Busta singin the hook thru the headphones, and i tapped him and said u have to let me borrow this! He asked me, what u know about this? Dont nobody know about this! I had to look at him crazy and said u know who u talkin to? Im deep into this game man, please let me borrow this!!! And thats how i was able to get the song. I never seen the single for it at that time and i wasnt buying LPs at that time. That just shows u how real it was back then, u had ur hip-hopper backpack niggas and just regular rap cats...a major difference back then and kinda stays true today. I seen live performances back then of Busta & Rampage doin this track when it came out and the crowd went crazy when they did it, it just shows u how the power of music moves u .

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