Monday, March 28, 2011

Tracks That U Would Lose Ur Mind To #1: Tracey Lee- The Theme

Why not start a new series? Just trying to keep thing fresh around here to keep u guys interested. And i figure there were many hip-hop tracks that came out back in the days that people like myself would lose my mind to. Its like gettin lost within the music and u just let go!! Gettin crunk and rowdy wit ur niggas in da club and goin wild. To me there a lot of songs that fit the bill, and lookin back on those days when these songs were released it sad that this wont be recreated again.

Lets go to 1996 when a new artist called Tracey Lee dropped the party anthem of the year wit "The Theme". Now at the time when this was 1st released i didnt like this song, for some reason i just wasnt feelin it. And til this day im tryin to figure out why i didnt like it back then at that time. But as the days came by this track became a banger to me. I just remember back in 10th grade people losin their minds when this came out. Now i didnt buy this LP until like '01 or '02, cause back then i wasnt buyin LP's i was buyin singles. And the LP didnt dissapoint it was pretty solid. Now mad props goes out to D-Dot for producing this classic. Its crazy how he flipped this sample, if any of u actually heard the actual sample u know what i mean. Also props is due to Mark Pitts for acting like he was a orchestrator directing the people in the vid, very creative! I still lose my mind to this track, i just have flashbacks to '96 when it came out and how fresh it sounded back then. Man i miss those days......

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