Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Recognize The Real presents The Best Of Ski Beats

The average fan of hip-hop just listen to the songs and never read the credits or etc. So when they like a song by a certain rapper they never know who produced it. So sometimes when i ask do u this like this producer? They answer, i never heard of him who is he? Then I tell them what they did and they b like really? He did that? And i think that same scenario can b played into this man career. Ski has done some of the most phenomenal production a producer can do. He can do hardcore gutta joints, some uptempo club joints and just some jazzy joints with a swing to it. I mean this man can cover all formats of hip-hop! Would Jay's 1st LP sound the same with out him? would Camp Lo 1st LP sound the same without him? Think about that for a second. So as u take a listen to some of this man's production, you will see for urself that this dude was certainly underrated. And i know for a fact that while u listen to this u will b askin urself he did that???!!


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Hiphop said...

Ski be having some sick beats !