Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Source Magazine Fat Tape: July 1991

Around this time in '91, hip-hop wasnt pretty much on my radar. It was very casually at this time. We was all jammin Hammer, i dont care what yall say back then Hammer made u want to dance. You just couldnt resist it. And yes i liked Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice when it 1st came out. We was all singing it at school when it 1st came out but over time it became evident not to be liking him and i remember u would clowned if u did. Plus me and my friends was comin up wit our own versions of OPP and still wondering what the hell it meant. Last but not least, it was around this time when I was 1st introduced to Tribe Called Quest. I was over my dads friends house, and i was chillin wit his son in his ride (he was older than me), i asked what was he jammin in his car? He handed me over a tape and it was The Low End Theory . He said they were dope and he let me hear "Butter" and the rest shall they say is history!

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