Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Source Magazine Fat Tape: January 1993

The year of 1992 was a memorable one to me. It was my 5th grade year and all i wanted to do is play basketball, watch the Chicago Bulls on WGN (only certain cities was gettin this channel back then and i lived in Tx! Far away from Chicago huh?) and chill wit my friends at the Rec Center. But this was the year i started picking up on hip-hop music. What i mean by that was actually gettin a walkman and jam a tape. The 1st tape i begged my mother to buy was Kris Kross' 1st LP that came that year. At the time if u was in my age bracket, we was all jammin Kris Kross! I learned how to dance a little bit from them (just that one dance move they did all the time, watch the vid for Warm It Up and u know what im talkin about), and i got saggin from them. I abused saggin my pants back then man, i used to do it hard all the time until my moms caught me one time and it stopped momentarily but i was right back on it soon after. But i never, i repeat, i never wore my clothes backwards! No sir, not ever. Around this time everybody kept the tag on their Starter hats & kept the Nike tags on their sneakers, it was mandatory style back then. But the music of hip-hop changed me that year and it wasnt only Kris Kross, "TROY" by Pete Rock & CL gave me a certain feeling. Das Efx came out wit a crazy style that was just too ill, i remember thinking to my self i never heard nothing like this before. Redman came wit "Time 4 sum aksion" and if u watched boxing back then Tyson came out to this record, and u know what that meant for the opponent! EPMD had my head bobbin hard to "Crossover"! That track had me goin nuts, that bassline and that Troutman sample had a nigga feenin. I remember when that track came on the radio i begged my parents to leave it there so i can listen to it then tell them to scan the stations so i can hear it again. Man '92 was a memorable one for me no worries and loads of fun. I miss those days! On a side note, while i was making this Fat Tape my PC was actin up so i apologize for any pauses during this tape. Im sorry but i couldnt scan the tracklisting for this tape from the issue i have but trust me its a dope one! Enjoy!

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