Thursday, October 18, 2012

Belly- The Soundtrack (RTR Version)

This movie to me gave me a insight into how New York life really was. I mean i saw it all the time in videos and that nature but never in a feature film for our generation of '98. And thank god Hype Williams was able to put this together for the masses. I remember when this movie 1st made it to Dish Network i begged my moms so i could order it and watch it. When i did, i recorded it on vhs and that is my only copy of this movie til this day! This movie gave birth to so many lines in hip-hop such as "One", nobody was sayin that it always keep it real or one love not just "One". But DMX started so many trends in this movie its not even funny. But who knew X could act like that? He was great! And I dont care what nobody says, Nas did a great job as well. I mean nobody even thought Nas could act at all and for him to do this was great within itself. I just deep down love this movie to death!!
Now when the soundtrack came out for this film it was sellin madd copies everywhere. And it was very successful, but to me somethin was missing. To me it wasnt all that great that people thought it was. Now because soundtracks sometimes come out on major labels, the major labels is gonna flood it with tracks by their artists whether they are established one or ones that are brand new and introducing them. If u look on the tracks on here, some of these artists had very short careers if any. So i was thinkin let me flip it. Like pops said on Boomerang, "u gotta flip it!" (i aint gonna say all that he said but u know). Now some of the songs on here i kept, but the others i dropped off and replaced them with tracks that i felt should have been on this soundtrack. This will really bring u back to '98 when everything was poppin and hip-hop was risen to a level to where a movie like could come out. I always say '98 was the final golden year of hip-hop, ever since '99 its been a slow decline to where we at now. I hope yall enjoy this re-working of this soundtrack i put together and bang out to it!! And no there is no Stan Spit tracks on here....smh.

Belly Soundtrack revisted

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