Monday, October 15, 2012

Recognize The Real presents Houston: The City I Repp

Even tho i will always have that NY State of Mind & I know more about NY Hip-Hop than most New Yorkers...I still have to repp the city where im from which is Houston!! This is a city which is very diversified with many races but there is one common thing....the music. In every town in the city u can hear cars passin by jammin Screw. Whether its a tape by DJ Screw himself or new music that just came out that is Screwed or etc, that is what u always hear. Or its just music that is by rappers from our city, we always support our own. Our city is the one of the few that u can go platinum in it alone and thats incredible. Look, it took me awhile to accept this music from down here. I came up listening to music that was on Yo! Mtv Raps & Rap City when i was younger. Thats all i knew at one point. Then when i moved to El Paso, TX in late '95 i became fully engulfed in east coast music. That was what all my friends listened to was east coast music, thats all i knew. Only 'Pac from the west coast was gettin played & Outkast from the south was gettin played. That was it point blank period. But when we moved again in '97 to where im at now which is a hour 1/2 outside of Houston, things changed. The whole music scene was a change for me and the culture down here as well. It was a 360 turn. It was real slow living down here, people just like to chill and relax down here. But the music caught me off guard. When i 1st heard Screw music i thought the person's tape deck broke!! I was like whats wrong with ur tape player? They was like aint nuthin wrong wit it, thats Screw! I was like what? My 1st year of high school down here (11th grade) people was looking at me as the guy who dont like Screw music. They thought i was crazy, but i rebelled against it cause it was somethin new to me. But low and behold during the end of of that school year the music grabbed a hold of me and i learned to accept it. I learned i can still listen to NY hip-hop and love it but still repp my city at the same time. Like DJ Premier said "Im a Texas New Yorker"!! Now this mix i made pretty much sums up Houston hip-hop as a whole, these are Houston classics in which is the foundation of the culture. Some songs on here are Screwed & some aren't. But please just give it a chance and listen to it and u never know..u might like it. Hey it took me a couple months to accept it but i learned to love it and now i cherish it. This is my city and i am proud of what we have built down here hip-hop wise. We have many legends down here responsible for laying the bricks to build this up to where it is now, but unfortunately they are no longer wit us. People like the legendary DJ Screw ( the originator), Fat Pat (arguably the greatest MC to come out of houston), Big Moe (the harmonizer flower) & Big HAWK (Screwed Up Clik member). May they R.I.P. Ok yall, play this joint in ur rides or whatever and let ur boy now how u like it!! H-Town represent know what im talkin bout!

My City: H-Town!

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Bruce Leeroy said...

Thanks for the post

I rep Houston as well and this is fuckin dope, thanks again.