Monday, October 29, 2012

Backstage Soundtrack (RTR Version)

This movie every time i see it brings back very great memories. It reminds of a time when hip-hop was hot & exclusive and still capitalizing off how huge '98 was. This tour took place in my senior year in '99, everybody was hyped about it and couldnt wait for them to visit their town. But there were naysayers saying that the violence would ruin it or the rappers will ruin it cause they couldnt get along wit each other. Well those rumors were put to rest cause this tour brought the house down to every town they went! It was a huge success! When they went to Denver after that shooting happened in Columbine, they donated the money to that cause. It was this tour that showed people that hip-hop can be marketed and be a huge money maker. So all those tours u see now are all birthed from this. Before this, no huge tours was being made in hip-hop since the 80's cause of violence. But this tour just shattered the mold.
Also this tour was a reminder of how cool everybody was wit each other and how dope everybody was at that time. But man o man how have times changed. Jay is still Jay but not the Jay of that time if u understand. Red & Meth arent as relevant anymore. X is self explanatory, plus him and Jay arent as cool anymore either. Beans fell off completely and blames Jay for it.Memphis havent been relevant in years since! Ja ruined his own career. Even Eve fell off and Busta who made a small appearance isnt no where near what he was. So boy how has the times changed, but when i watch this every time it brings me back to that '99-00 time frame when it was all good and the music was great!
Now this soundtrack was a huge success sales wise, it did great numbers. But for me it coulda been way better & hotter. There wasnt even a Method Man or DMX track on this joint??? Aint that crazy? So i had to revise this joint a bit and do my own version of it. Some tracks i kept and the rest i dropped but the tracks i added fit perfectly for the theme of this soundtrack. Its pretty much '99-00 all over again but in a well sequenced way! Hope yall enjoy it and rock out to it! One!

Backstage Pass

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bbk said...

I love the stuff you do, because apparently we were both born the same year and are very nostalgic about our high school years. 98 was the best to me.