Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Complex Magazine: DJ Premier's 25 Best Beats

Recently on Complex.com they complied a list of DJ Premier's 25 best beats. And it was a very nice list. Now we all have our own personal 25 best beats that Premier has done so its kind of interesting to read what others have listed. 
I remember my 1st time ever listening to a Primo beat and if my memory serves me correct it was in '95 wit D&D All-Stars "Pass It 1,2". When I 1st seen the video for it i was hooked in. I was asking myself i wonder who this dude is wearing a Prairie View T-Shirt thats in NYC! Prairie View is a college that is down here in Houston, TX! So i was shocked by that, but I was hooked on that track. I used to jam that joint like 20x times straight!! Then later on in '95 i was looking at a episode of Rap City which was a old skool Wednesday show. And for the 1st time i seen the Mass Appeal video and i was hooked again. I never heard a beat like that, plus i made it my duty to remember Guru's lyrics as quickly as possible cause he was spittin fire all over that track! From that point on it was kind of easy for me to figure out a Primo track if i heard it cause his boom-bap sound with a crazy ill sample was just something that i fell in love wit. Plus one more thing is the way he does hooks on records. Most people would just get somebody to do the hook whether singing or rappin. He was like hey...hip-hop has already done the hook for me! There are thousands of hip-hop records that has some notable lyrics on it and if u sift through them u can piece together something nice and thats what he's done time and time again. Like Jay Z said to Premier one time for a hook for one of his tracks, "just do the primo thing". 
I made it my duty to provide for yall all 25 tracks that was in this list into a mix. I hope yall love it and jam it in ur rides. I cant see how u guys wont like it..i mean this DJ Premier we talking about here! Rock on my peeps!

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