Friday, November 5, 2010

BET: Nas On Rap City 1996 (Video)

It could be argued that for a brief time in '96, Nas was the top emcee. His LP It Written went double plat., and that right there broke all types of barriers for him. People knew he was that nigga at time with Jay just comin out and Biggie layin the weeds workin on his 2nd LP. People over the years i found to realize always killed It Was Written, why? I do not know. They say he went away from his style from Illmatic. Yall got to realize, '94 was way different from '96. U got to go along with the times. It was no more Nasty Nas, its now Nas Escobar. No more minimal ice wearing, its now Big Willie style! And the mafiaso culture was in full effect. Nas to me went hard around this time. I miss Nas Escobar, i wish he can comeback sooner or later. It Was Written to me when it 1st dropped was a monumental LP man. I was in the 9th-10th grade when it came out and i remember like yesterday everybody jammin it. It was a great time man. Seeing MTV & BET playin If I Ruled The World & Street Dreams videos continuosly was not that bad back then compared to now seein the same old wack songs again & again. Like i always said before, if u would of told me back in '96 hip-hop would be at where its at now i thought u was joking. A bad joke at that. So check out this vid and lets remember the good times man. And check the gear Nas wearin, pretty fly man!!!

Nas on BET Rap City '96 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

What you mean you could of argued lyrically hes the best to ever put words together come on no comparison homie who was on his level in 96 other than big or AZ please dont say hov please don't cause Reasonable Doubt shouldnt be meant-chant in the same breath then lets dont go to freestyles the foulness 1-4 street dreams remix affirmative action remix. all hov freestyles in 96 was ok if that what the one on clue off cant knock the hustle ok and the freestyle off puff third mix tape he wasn't killing nothing in my lifetime all that but them joints don't compare nothing esco did so please tell me who was better than nas lyrically not selling or marketing cause if u think hov 96 he wasnt even top 7 real shit im 30 so yeah i go in i feed off mixtapes just like u baby ive been fucking wit ya post two years now

Anonymous said...

nas peaked too soon. The last decade of his work could be tossed an no one would miss it. That being said, I have never heard a better emcee, period. His A game can match anyone's A game