Monday, November 8, 2010

MTV: Big L On Yo! MTV Raps 1995 (video)

Nowadays u see rappers dressin up and staying maddd GQ all the time. But there was a time when dressin up and stylin and all of that wasnt happenin. It was very grimy and gully and minimal to no ice wearing, but at the same time u still stylin cause some of the gear at that time was dope! Even when rappers was on TV back then, they was like fuck dressin up we are gonna do us and what u see is what u get. And the crazy thing was acceptable!!! Nowadays u would look like a damn fool by many. So let's go back to '95 with the legendary Big L, as u can see he stylin on his own level on national TV with a jersey (no undershirt), kangol hat, sweats and AF1's!! Now thats gully, but this was my era and that is what it was. L is in the da house promoting his 2nd single "MVP" and lettin the people know some tidbits about his upcoming LP "Lifestyles ova da Poor & dangaerous"!! Real classic footage right here, and u can only get this stuff right here on Recognize the Real. And props to other people out there in the internets world recognizing these vids i put up and making the views #'s shoot out the roof! Now if i can only get yall to DL more of the music im puttin up.............

Big L on Yo! MTV Raps '95 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

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