Friday, November 19, 2010

MTV: Diary Of Jay Z 2000 (Video)

Yall remember when Jay Z was still grimy and gully? When he said he would wear a bandana & a doo rag to ur so-called awards shows with his chain & shirt out? Personally i miss the '96-'02 Jay Z alot cause at that time he wasnt Hollywood yet and was still acting like he was in the hood. He was arrogant and very boastful, plus a trend setter!! Whether it was AF1's, 1st person to rock platinum, 1st person to pull out the black American express card (4 Da Fam vid), one of 1st person to rock Iceberg clothing, 1st person to rock Evisu, bringing back button ups, wearing a t-shirt wrapped around ur head in a form of a doo-rag trend-starter.....I mean i can go on & on with the stuff this man done during that time period. If u go back and check the manuscripts, Jay Z was a different person from '96-'02 than '03- present date. I guess getting older have somethin to do with it, but the old Jay Z will have a good place in my hip-hop heart to me cause he was on top at every level. U want to see what im talkin about? Ok, well check this out and tell me the Jay Z from 10 years ago is different from now. And thats in more ways than one!! Check out classic hip-hop footage right here!! Lets Go Hova!!

Jay Z MTV Diary '00 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

I was at the Gavin in the ATL in 96 and his street team jumped out of a limo in those classic roc a fella leathers throwing out Jay Z t shirts. I wore mine on campus at Morehouse like I was signed to the label.LOL