Saturday, November 13, 2010

Looking For Old Shows of BET's Rap City & Yo! MTV Raps!!!

As yall may know i am old school to the max, and i am a avid collector of classic hip-hop whether its music, magazines or etc. But i am desperate need, in DESPERATE need of old Bet Rap City & YO! MTV Raps episodes for my collection!! I need yall help out there for this mission, i am countin on my fellow followers for support!!
If anyone has any BET Rap City episodes from 1994-2000 or Yo! MTV Raps episodes from 1988-1995, please lmk in the comment box, chatbox or please e-mail at!!! I am willing to pay if it comes to that. I prefer them to be on VHS or DVD, that will be just fine. Please people, this project means alot to me and i am relying on u all to help me. Remember, please e-mail me or say somethin in the comment box or chatbox. Lets make this happen people, thanks again for ur help!!


Groovy Grover said...

I wish I could help out, but those episodes are locked up somewhere and won't ever come out. I havent found anyone either.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could help I wanna see them soo badd! B.E.T most definitely needs a retro channel. Comic View, Rap City and all the above! Those days were great!!!!!!!!