Saturday, March 9, 2013

BET: Notorious BIG on Rap City 1997 (Video)

At this time things was kinda settling down for BIG. He just came off a successful & challenging year in '96. That year, 'Pac was testing his limits, he had to worry about what Faith was doin and not to mention Lil Kim, other MC's was takin shots at him but his music was still on point and became he friends with his successor: Jay Z. So now its Feb. 1997 and things was kind of mellowing out. His new LP was beginning to drop and his life was kinda in order with a clear mind. Had big plans on the horizion... Commission LP, workin wit Puff on his 1st LP, supposed to do a verse on CNN's "TONY" Remix (yes, he heard the track before he passed) and many other business ventures. So BIG's future up to that point was bright as the sun. So here he is talkin to Joe Clair and they chat about what BIG just went thru and where's he was headed. I remember this episode like yesterday when it 1st aired, but i didnt record it then. But they re-aired this show 2 days after he passed in March of '97, and i taped it this time on the late show. Once again if there is any true hip-hop heads out there, yall should remember that back during the golden era Rap City used to come on twice a day during the week. One at 4pm and the other at like 9 or 10pm!! So if u missed the daytime one u can catch the night one, and that was butter back then!! I miss those days so much, well please check this vid and listen to what BI had to say!!

Biggie On Rap City '97 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

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