Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chubby Chubb- Got Issues (1998) (Mixtape)

Dont playa hate in the '98!! We was all sayin that!



bbk said...

^^cover for this upload (looks like I got it from OSR's blog back in the day, I'm not sure) which oddly enough says Still Goin 98 on it. But Still Goin 98 is actually:

Chubby Chub - Still Goin '98

Side A
7 Mile (rmx ) - Chubby Chub
Coke - Peter Gunz, Al Papers, Lord Traiq
Out For Life - The Lox Rufus Blaq
We All Got Plans - Rakim
Veronica - ONYX
One Love - Cormega
Bull Worth - Prodigy, KRS One, Method Man
Misery Loves Company - Fat Joe, Noreaga
Ultimate Rush - Helter Skelter, Saukrates
Block Hot - Mo Money, Genovese, Lord Tariq
PreRoko - Freestyle
Horse & Carriage - Mase, Canron
If You Think I'm Jiggy - ( remix ) - Lox
Stop Being Greedy - DMX
Dollar Bill - Money Boss Players
Money - Charlie Baltimore
Jam On It- JD & Cardan
Freestyle - Ghetto Starr

Side B
Freestyle - The Lox
Military Soldier - 2 Pac, Buckshot, CoCo B's
They Don't dance - Goodie Mob
One In A Million - ( rmx ) - Jay Z
Shattered dreams - Big Punisher
What You Want ( rmx ) - Mase & Total
Been Around ( rmx ) - Puffy, Nase
Body Rock - Mos Def, Tash, Q - Tip
React - ONYX
Clubbin ( rmx ) - Ice Club, DMX,
Crystal & Moet - DDR ( Jay - Z ) Rockafella
Clock Strikes - Timberland & Magoo
Turn It Up - Bysta Rhymes
Leave The Dough - ghetto Starz
What's Wrong ( rmx ) - Lostboyz
Deadly Kiss - Choclatt
Money Power Respect - Lil Kim, Lox, DMX

So the tracklist in the pic is the same as this upload at least. So I dunno what's up with the name though, unless the bootlegger laid one cover over the other when he photocopied it. No clue, unless "Still Goin 98" is a series, I don't think so though.

It was also confusing because the tracklist for this upload screams 1999 to me...

bbk said...

OK, I figured out why it says "Still Goin 98" in the background. It's because the cover background has pics of his older tapes on it. It also had Spring Fever and a few more in the background. So this def. has nothing to do with Still Goin 98. Had me confused for a sec though.

Brandan E. said...

i appreciate it bbk for the info bro! thanks a ton!