Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chuck Chillout- 98.7 Kiss WRKS FM Mastermix (1986-87) (Radio)

I grew up in the era of which real hip-hop used to get played on the radio. In the 90's gutta hip-hop tracks was gettin played on the radio like it was nothing cause they were singles! Matter of fact they used to b played in clubs and people was dancing to it!! Thats right u read it! But it all started in the 80's, the radio DJs at that time had the responsibility to spread hip-hop all over the world cause all the others thought this was a fad and wasnt gonna last too long. It was them that opened the flood gate and we pay them all the respects for that. Its amazing tho that right in the beginning of the 2000's we lost sight of that and started playing tracks that labels wanted us to hear which was songs that were made to strictly for the radio. But i digress, lets take it back to '86-'87 and u can see what im talkin about!

Just Chillout

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