Monday, March 4, 2013

DJ Camilo- Hip-Hop #17 (1997) (Mixtape)

More Camilo your way on the '97 tip! Enjoy it people!



Anonymous said...

yo been KILLIN it for the past few days with these mid-90's classics. i thought they had dried up for a while and here you come droppin tons. major PROPS.
Anyone got craig g "where my dogz at" or the drop after that "money aint a thang"? just basically trying to think of them spring/summer 98 tapes that aint out there like tony touch 57 wreckin shit (havent seen it)...funk flex big dawg vol2....etc

Brandan E. said...

thanks for the love my brother, i gotta keep it real to my fan base and do what im doing.
all i can is stay tuned for more tapes to come, ill try to get to what u asked for.