Sunday, September 4, 2011

My New Mission

When i 1st started this blog back in '08 i just wanted to provide people with classic music and hard to find mixtapes. And i done that.

In doing so it became a mission of mine to start hunting for other hard to find mixtapes by DJ's that i liked or heard of but never actually listened to any of their tapes. And i done that 10 fold.

Then Stretch & Bobbito became my new passion, i wanted all the shows i can get from them. And i done that with alot of help and assistance from others!

Now a new challenge is on the horizion. I want to consider myself i a classic Hip-Hop preserver. I want to obtain or try to obtain damn near every episode of BET Rap City from 1994-2001 and Yo! MTV Raps from 1994-1997. I had minor success in doing this for the past 10 years obtaining some episodes from local friends here and there.

But now i need my friends help that i made on this blog and worldwide, i know there is people out the sitting on goldmines of VHS tapes full of what i need. I am willing to pay or make trades to obtain the episodes i need. Please people i need ur help in this, i have confidence that u can help me and not read this over and pay it no mind. I have provided alot of material for u over the years for the love of hip-hop now i hope u can give it back.

So please if u have any BET Rap City episodes from 1994-2001 & Yo! MTV Raps episodes from 1994-1997, please e-mail me at or leave a comment at the chatbox below. This is my next mission right now to do this and i have faith that with the help of u the people, i can do this.

Much Love & thanks. I will not rest until i can make this happen!

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