Thursday, September 22, 2011

What Stretch & Bobbito Done For Me

When I 1st started taking hip-hop seriously back in '94, i was fully entrenched in it. Even tho back then i was still young and ripping around i still tried to make time to watch Rap City, Yo! MtV Raps and recording the newest hits on radio.

And when u look at it, I was fully immersed in mainstream hip-hop. Whats mainstream hip-hop? Everything that is played on the radio and on TV. Thats all I knew that was out. Also what i read in the Source magazine kept me updated as well. So from '94-'99 which to me was the golden era of hip-hop, thats all i knew which was being played on the radio & TV.

Now Stretch & Bobbito had their show from '90-'98. And during that time i didnt even knew they existed. Being from texas, had no idea who they were or what they did. But in '99 i read a article of them in the Source magazine in which they voted them the top radio show of all-time! Now im thinking wow, who are these brothers? What made them so special for a radio show? Well in '99 their show didnt even come on no more, they broke up. So im thinking will I ever get to hear any of their shows?

Fast forward to '08 when i 1st started this blog, i expected this blog to do big things for me but i didnt expect it to open doors musically the way it did. In '08 i also discovered other blogs postin up classic 90's hip-hop mixtapes and radio rips. And i wanna give props to Dirty Waters for providing me the opportunity to actually hear one of their shows. As i was listening to their shows one thing stood out to me....Underground hip-hop!

Stretch & Bobbito did not play mainstream hip-hop, they specialized in underground hip-hop. Its like a whole new world of hip-hop music that existed all throughout the golden era that i had no idea about. So now as i look back during my childhood years of '94-'99 listenin to mainstream hip-hop, Stretch & Bob was playin these underground joints i didnt even know existed. Just thinking about that is crazy!

As the years gone by since '08, my Stretch & Bob collection as grown and im still amazed that people are looking for joints Stretch & Bob played on their show thats damn near hard to find. They was playin joints on their show that they might of played one time and thats it. They introduced a whole 'nother world to me, and there was alot of classic music to go round during the golden era that people dont know about. That is what made the golden era so golden, its still giving us gems now in 2011!!

Stretch & Bobbito opened my mind and gave me a greater appreciation for underground hip-hop and what made it so great. I never knew that kind hip-hop existed back then, no clue about it. But as i look back now, it was always there just wasnt able to hear it. I remember Bobbito saying that 20 years from now (back in '93) he wishes people would appreciate what they done for hip-hop and people will remember them. Well its been 20, and people still love them for what they did. They earned their own niche in hip-hop for life! With many Aye-yyyyo's to follow!

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