Wednesday, September 28, 2011

World Renown- How Nice I Am (Video)

Back around i wanna say '05-'06, i was scrolling thru Youtube finding old school or rare hip-hop joints i never heard yet. Trying to find some hidden gems was my goal and i stumbled on a few and they was ok. But then i scrolled up on this group and i saw 2 videos for them, "Take A Ride" and the track that is featured. I clicked on that 1st track 1st and was bangin that 1 hard (pause). I never heard of this group at all and i never heard this song either up to that point and these joints dropped way back in '95! So im jammin "Take A Ride" like crazy then i decided lets take a listen to the next track.......and to say when i 1st heard this song i was in heaven is a understatement! I just fell in love with this track man. It quickly became one of my all-time fav. hip-hop tracks instantly, like i was ranking this song up there wit Group Home "Supastar"!

Thats how i feel about this track! The crazy thing is, back then some artists was releasing tracks with videos but had no albums to ever come out. But the tracks they released was classics tho! Its different from today when someone released a track with a video and its just another ho-hum track with no album. World Renown never officialy released a LP, it was put on the shelve but u can now get it thru the internet and its a great album. Its a shame it never came out. And i gotta give props to K-Def & Marley Marl on the production of the LP! That Phife sample is crazy! I love this record, i once listened to this 15x straight and never got tired of it! Thats ill!

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