Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Best of Gangstarr Pt. 2 (1999) (Mixtape)

As we continue on with this amazing group, did yall know they broke up after Hard To Earn came out? Primo up to that point got tired of Guru's drinkin and his attiude during it. Guru's problem had driven wedge in between the two and Primo had enough. So Primo decided to step and do his own thing. But sometime in '97, Guru had caught a case of battery or assault (either one). And it was a serious one, he was facing years if found guilty of it. It was this event that brought the two back together, Primo wanted to support his man in every way he can during this difficult time. Coincidentally during this time they was workin on the Moment of Truth LP. Guru's lawyer told the group that yall need to put this LP out asap and promote it while Guru's able to cause u never know what could happen at trial. So that is exactly what they did, and while doin that Guru went on wit his trial and was found not guilty. And the icing on the cake was that the Moment of Truth LP went on to give them their 1st gold plaque! Thats right youngin's, back then it was a major achievement to go gold! Ask EPMD they went gold wit every LP and boasted about it! Thats how much goin gold meant to niggas. Ok man let me stop, bang out this part 2 and realize real hip-hop when u hear it!

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