Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DJ Rob N Hood- Best Of Scarface Pt. 1 (2002) (Mixtape)

Back here in Texas, this man is a legend. He's right up there wit DJ Screw & Pimp C as part our hip-hop legacy in Houston. Scarface to me is in my all-time top 5 mc's list. He dont rap like ur typical down south rapper, he is a mc who speaks the truth. He tells u this is what happens if u choose this route and this what happens if u run these streets. He's a narrator and observer. When i 1st heard & seen the vid for "Never Seen A Man Die" back in 7th grade, that shook me and made me straighten up cause i didnt wanna end up like the dude in the video.
So this is part one of this man's amazing work, part 2 coming next. Enjoy & learn!


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