Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Styles P- The Ghost In The Machine (2005) (Mixtape)

One more joint featuring my man Styles P. This tape was released back in '06 when rappers just started coming out wit mixtape LPs. For the artist, its a way to get their music out to the people to occupy time until their official LP comes out. For the mixtape game, things started goin from sugar to shit real quick, cause it was mixtapes like this that flooded the market. It went from mixtapes being an art form to now just a promo tool for industry. But i cannot bash this tape too much cause its like a LP and its from my nigga SP. I was kinda skeptical on joints like this at 1st but I was soon impressed by it especially by the beats. The beats on here is crazy, there's a couple on here i put on repeat many times. So i gotta give props to Panero on the production side of things on here. I hope yall like it and keep it locked here for more!

Holiday Styles

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