Tuesday, November 22, 2011

**Re-Up** DJ Capone- The Lox 10th Anniversary Vol. 1 (2005) (Mixtape)

I been a Lox fan since i 1st heard them on Bad Boy's Vol. 3 mixtape wit Stretch Armstrong back in '96. The track was "Thumbs Up" ft. Richie Thumbs. Man i used to bump that track all the time, i loved the flow and the beat! Then i heard "You'll See" wit Biggie and it was a wrap after that, i became fans of these cats for life!! Can u believe these guys almost got 20 years in the game!! Thats crazy, its rare nowadays that a solo artist or even a group being around for 20 years in this industry. But they earned to stay here. Everything they did they ripped it whether it was mixtapes, guest features, their own shit, solo shit and etc! They always went hard 100% of the time, thats why they are one of the best groups of all-time. That shouldnt even be debated, the crazy thing is that they only did 2 LPs!!? So enjoy this tape and rock out to one of the best collective ever to do it!!


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