Friday, August 30, 2013

The Source Magazine Singles File- July 1995 i even have to go any further on this. First of all, if yall out there dont own this issue please go out and find it and add it to ur collection. This is a must have for true hip-hop heads like my self. Now, the first time i heard BIG was at a car wash wit my moms and over the radio they played Juicy. The lyrics that stuck wit me was "Super Ninetendo, Sega Genesis/ When i was dead broke man i couldnt picture this!" At the time i was in the 7th grade so any time a rapper could include SNES or Sega Genesis in their all ears! When i heard Big Poppa for the 1st time i was all in. The way the video was shot was incredible. Like to me that was the next level of living to get to or aspire. In the club wit ur peoples, living the life poppin bottles and hanging wit the ladies and ur gear proper. Me being in the 7th grade, ur mind wasnt about those things yet (except the ladies part at least) but i knew as i get older thats the type of things u kinda look toward more. When i seen that Warning video man i was hype! BIG had me amped up watching that cause he was rhyming so hard with aggression!! I remember hearing his 1st LP from a friend and it was like listening to a motion picture movie! One of the few times when i didnt skip a track on a album. Man o man great times. We always love BIG around here and it will always continue! Please check out what else was crackin that month as well!!

July '95

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