Friday, August 30, 2013

The Source Magazine Singles File- February 1997

Kim & how have times changed. At the time these 2 was the hottest female rappers in the game (wit Missy Elliott included). They set the standard for what a female emcee supposed to sound like in modern times. And every female tried to follow their style since. Some has excelled while a whole lot has not. Its kind of a hard standard to follow cause these females changed the game for every female to follow. But also it doesn't hurt to have on the job training by some of the all-time greats in the game. Kim learned from BIG. Foxy learned from Jay, Nas & Cormega. I mean thats some very big names there. Not every female emcee has been afforded that type of opportunity to work with greatness. For me, i miss these 2 females in the game. Not only were they very raunchy and sexy, they could rhyme their ass off. They do have classics in their books. Its ashamed the way their careers have gone but ill always remember the good times. The time i seen Kim's promo ad for her 1st LP in 10th grade in a issue of Vibe and people literally fighting for it to have it. If u dont know what ad im talking about, u better ask somebody. And the time I 1st heard Foxy on LL's I Shot Ya remix. I was blown away with what she was saying but she was spittin that raw hot fiyah tho. Those are the times ill remember and i know the rest of u will think the same way. Every time i see this cover ill always remember that. Please check out what else was on fiyah that month as well!!

Feb. '97

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