Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Source Magazine Singles File- February 1996

Ummm....i wish i can tell u guys more about Luke hip-hop wise but i really cant. For me, he had a couple of joints i liked wit 2 Live Crew. And solo wise he had a ill joint that year wit a young Trick Daddy called "Scarred"! That was my shit, im not even gonna lie. Also around this time he had a X-Rated TV show that u had to order on PPV to watch! I seen clips of some of the interviews he had on there wit Lil Kim, Jay Z, 'Pac & BIG. Very classic stuff and x-rated, the footage is out there u gotta search for it! Another thing is Lord Finesse's LP had dropped not too long before this issue came out and to me thats one of my all-time fav. LP's!! I absolutely love that album, its a classic from top to bottom. I can go on & on about that LP. Please check out the other dope joints that was banging that month as well. Dont let the Luke cover fool u!

Feb. '96

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