Friday, March 20, 2015

DJ IROC- Halftime 560 Tape (1996)

What a rare tape this is brought to u by veteran mixtape star DJ IROC!! Most of my true hip-hop heads know that Fat Joe had a clothing line in the mid 90s called Halftime 560 and he even had his own store by that name. Heck even for a short time he had Biz Markie working for him in the store (take it how u want)! But what a better way to promote ur store & ur brand by puttin out a mixtape? Pretty dope right? I know for a fact not too many people own this tape, its beyond rare. And it features freestyles on here that i never heard before by certain artists!! Its a classic for sure and i hope u enjoy this one!! Fat Joe even does some hosting on here too..


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