Monday, March 2, 2015

The Best Of Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show Freestyles Vol. 1 (1992)

If u were a devoted listener of this show as i was then u know one of the highlights was getting to hear fresh freestyles by artists who was either known or unknown. I am a fan of pure lyricism, so if u can go off u can go off. And throughout the years of this show many emcees came thru and went off, and some of those rhymes became legendary over time! I know many people that taped these shows went to school the next morning asked their friends "yo did u here this freestyle last night? it was crazy!" I know that happened alot, cause if i was able to hear this show back then i would have been one of those people! This show was on air from '90-98, so just imagine the freestyles that was spit on this show. And the crazy thing is that some of the unknown emcees freestyles are more better and known than the emcees that became big. Just a reminded that if u got the talent and the ability u can make a name for urself over night that could last for years, and thats what this show provided. The unknowns to become known!


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