Wednesday, March 4, 2015

DJ Jazz- #5 (1994)

Now this DJ here is from NC and he gives u real true mixtape, this tape is more like a musical landscape. Very interesting. Please remember that cities like NC, VA, SC, DC supported the mixtape movement. It took DJs that was from NyC all over to get their name known. Kids that was living in NYC took these mixtapes with them when they went OT to go college. And thru mixtapes the word spread about certain DJs and they became stars overnight being called upon to DJing parties and stores demanding their tapes. The DJS had to make sure their masters was sent OT first to those cities so they can get their name spread by the record stores selling their tapes. Then NYC came second to get their masters out. But they knew those cities would make them stars and great money was coming in for all the opportunities that opened up for the DJs. The king of mixtape stores was Mr Freeze Records & Tapes in NC, if u was a prominent mixtape DJ in the game and u wanted ur name known OT, this was the spot to hit up first. This guy was one of the largest supplier of mixtapes and he had it all! Please read about this guy if u can, his contributions to the mixtape game is very vital in the way DJs became stars outside of NYC!

DJ Jazz

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