Sunday, March 15, 2015

J Styles- Killin Em (1995)

This vet here has made many dope tapes in the 90s making his name known within the mixtape circles. And on this tape he was killin em for sure wit many dope jams! He offers a rare treat on here as well, as many of u know Ski did all the production on Camp Lo's 1st LP & most of the production on Jay Z's 1st LP. Now we all know the Jay Z track "Feelin It" right? Classic record right? But did u know it wasnt really his record originally? He didnt get the beat first, Camp Lo did...and on this tape u get to hear their verson even tho the song didnt come out a full year later! I bet u didnt know Jay tried to steal away the Luchini beat as well!! But Ski wouldnt let him have it!

J Styles

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